I have always had a desire to be outdoors, right from a young age. Growing up in Dublin I spent many weekends around the mountains of Wicklow and on the beaches around Dublin. As I got older I began to take up rock climbing and surfing. This drove me to go and try to make a career out of what I loved.

Whilst studying Outdoor Education in College I took up windsurfing and sailing with passion. I focused all my energies on making sure I located myself somewhere I could spend as much time on the sea as possible. This inevitably led me to the West Coast of Ireland.

After spending a number of years there, I began to look for the next challenge. I had always been fascinated by offshore sailing and racing from a young age so I decided this was the time to pursue this more. I moved to the south coast of the UK to train, soon becoming a commercially endorsed Ocean Yachtmaster. I worked hard to gain as much experience offshore as I could to prepare me for my ultimate goal. I worked delivering yachts all over the world amassing over 50,000 miles.

When I got the chance to compete in the 2018 Golden Globe Race I jumped on it. This was everything I was working towards and there I had a chance to live it. The next few years I will be working flat out with a team of people to make my ultimate goal a reality. It will be a challenge like nothing I have done before and I am throwing myself completely into it. 


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