The Biscay 36 is the perfect boat for a race such as this. It is a proven, strong and highly seaworthy design built in the UK in 1984. Built in a heavy fibreglass construction, it will be more than capable of surviving the worst of what the Southern Ocean can throw up.

It is the maximum permitted length and as such has good speed potential. It is a ketch (2 masts) allowing for more sail options to keep the boat going in all conditions. It is also easier to handle solo.



Length  - 11m
Waterline  - 8.25m
Beam  - 3.3m
Draft  - 1.8m
Displacement  - 7110 kg
Ballast  - 3000 kg



After a summer and autumn of training, the boat is currently going through an extensive refit. It is an extensive process to ensure the boat is fully prepared for it's lengthy and arduous journey. Launched first in 1984, much of the fittings are original and whilst very well maintained, there are still many upgrades, reinforcements and modifications to undertake.

Watertight bulkheads, chain-plate reinforcements and increased protection in the cockpit are some of the jobs that are being carried out. Extensive modifications are also being made to allow the boat to be sailed solo in a safer and more efficient manner. The electrical and bilge pump systems have been extensively upgraded along with modifications to allow safe storage of more gas for 8 months of cooking.