The scale of the Golden Globe Race IS so huge that we have decided to use the story of it and Gregor's journey to create an educational resource. This will be aimed at schools and will be a cross curricular programme that uses this story as the "hook" to engage educate and inspire young people about our oceans and coastlines. 



We have partnered with Ireland's biggest primary school publisher, CJ Fallon and Ireland's Marine Institute to create this programme. It will be distributed free of charge to primary school classrooms all across Ireland. The overriding goal is to create an army of "Ocean Literate" young people. By instilling a understanding of the importance of our oceans on them, they are best placed to ensure a sustainable and sensible future for Ireland and the World.



Create a cross curricular educational resource focusing on ocean literacy and Ireland’s maritime environment & heritage

Engage young people in an adventure that emphasises the importance of caring for and understanding our maritime environment

Provide the missing link between organisations involved in ocean literacy and the classroom



To learn more about the Ocean Adventures Programme, or if you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please follow the contact link.