€100k - Full Title Partner

x1 available

You will be the lead sponsor! Name the boat after your company, brand it in your company colours and watch it race around the world and create history.
You will be a guest at all events coming up to the start and after the finish. Gregor will be available for in house presentations both before and after the race and you will have opportunities to get out sailing on the boat
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€20k - Official Partner

x3 available

A fantastic opportunity to partner with an incredible race!
Get your company logo on the boat and have the skipper give an in-house presentation about the race, both before and after. You will also have an opportunity to come for a sail on the boat.
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€7.5k - Supporting Partner

x6 available

For entry level partners we offer a very attractive package. 
Have your logo on the boat and have Gregor come in to give a talk both before and after the race.

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Can you help with goods, equipment or services? 
30,000 miles and 8 months is a long time without re-stocking food, repair materials, clothing, equipment etc. the list is long!
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If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or partner of the project, click the link to download our sponsorship brochure and find out more.



An educational module will track Gregor on his adventure and weave the magic of the ocean environment and its opportunities into the DNA of our young people. Follow the link below to find out about being an Educational Sponsor.


If you are interested in getting involved in any way or even have some advice to offer, please do not hesitate to get in contact. We would be delighted to hear from you.


Although this is a solo race, getting to the start line will require a huge effort from a large team of individuals with a wide range of skills. If you would like to make a donation of any amount, big or small, follow the link to our Go Fund Me page.