This is a challenge like no other. A solo, non-stop and unassisted race around the world using only 1960s technology.

It is a race steeped in history that celebrates 50 years since Sir Robin Knox Johnston did what everyone thought was impossible, sailing solo, non-stop around the world.

This daring race will see the competitors departing France to spend around 9 months completely alone at sea racing back to where they began via the Great Capes of the Southern Ocean.

Visit The Golden Globe Race to find out more.



GPS is not allowed in this race so navigation will be done solely with a compass and sextant, using the sun, stars and moon to pinpoint positions.

The boat will be steered by a mechanical wind vane, no electronic auto-pilots are permitted.

Weather forecasting will be done using a barometer and what information can be picked up via radio.



1960's technology only:

  • No satellite communication
  • No Internet
  • No computers or laptops
  • No phones or tablets
  • No MP3 players or even CDs
  • No kindles


Food and drink

All food must be carried from the start. That's around 9 months of food crammed on-board. Very careful planning is required to ensure Gregor gets a healthy, balanced diet for the entire journey.

All water needed will have to be carried from the start or harvested from rainwater along the way. Showers will definitely be a luxury which will rarely be allowed!



  • May 2017
    Purchase boat and minor refit for single handed sailing
  • Summer 2017
    Training and preparing for a major refit
  • Autumn/Winter 2017/2018
    Major refit preparing the vessel for the voyage
  • Feb-March 2018
    Training and testing with newly refitted vessel
  • May 2018
    Final preparations and provisioning vessel for it's extended time at sea
  • July 1st 2018
    2018 Golden Globe Race officially starts